Our target is quality

Our washing machines are the result of a long experience in the eld of white goods, gained from working alongside with the major brands.

Our ability was to use the experience gained in the innovative research features such as the new convex surface drum, which together with the twist agitators, en- sured a “soft” action on laundry, hence upholding the quality of the fabrics at high speed spin. 

With an automatic control instrumentation of the best technology (laser, proximity detectors and light sensors), we always check the correct execution of the various production stages along our assembly line. 

The attention to detail is our key word. With the advanced automatic transport sy- stem, components arrive the assembly line of the nished product through under- ground tunnels. In this way we limit the risk of damage and we synchronize manu- facturing activities. 

The monitoring and control of each operation guarantee the perfect functioning of all components, which results in a high quality of the product and a great degree of customer satisfaction. 


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